Air Force SBIR/STTR Contacts

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Air Force SBIR/STTR Program Office

Shahady, David AF SBIR/STTR Program Director david.shahady.1@us.af.mil
Sweeney, James AF CRP Program Manager james.sweeney.5@us.af.mil
Gudorf, Heather AF SBIR/STTR Operations Manager heather.gudorf.1@us.af.mil
Delacruz, Oswaldo AF SBIR/STTR Infrastructure Manager oswaldo.delacruz@us.af.mil
Nyikon, Gail AF SBIR/STTR Contracting Officer gail.nyikon@us.af.mil
Swann, Brianna AF SBIR/STTR Financial Manager brianna.swann.1@us.af.mil
*Murphy, Dave AF SBIR/STTR Project Manager david.murphy.20.ctr@us.af.mil
*Anderl, Tim AF SBIR/STTR Program Management Support timothy.anderl.ctr@us.af.mil
*Cazzell, Beverly AF SBIR/STTR Program Management Support beverly.cazzell.ctr@us.af.mil
*Cogliano, Joe AF SBIR/STTR Program Management Support joseph.cogliano.ctr@us.af.mil
*Duffy, Katie AF SBIR/STTR Program Management Support kathleen.duffy.ctr@us.af.mil
*Emmerick, Tomi AF SBIR/STTR Program Management Support tomi.emmerick.ctr@us.af.mil
*Hughes, Lori AF SBIR/STTR Program Management Support lori.hughes.ctr@us.af.mil
*Pope, Dave AF SBIR/STTR Program Management Support david.pope.6.ctr@us.af.mil
*Stewart, Dennis AF SBIR/STTR Program Management Support dennis.stewart.6.ctr@us.af.mil
*Woldt, Eric AF SBIR/STTR Program Management Support eric.woldt.ctr@us.af.mil

*Denotes Contractor

AFRL Technology Directorates

Brown, Jennifer Human Performance (711 HPW/XPO) jennifer.brown.20@us.af.mil
Graniero, Mike Information (AFRL/RI) michael.graniero@us.af.mil
Harris, Julie Sensors (AFRL/RY) julie.harris.1@us.af.mil
Jones, Nichelle Sensors (AFRL/RY) nichelle.jones@us.af.mil
Mashburn, Wayne Directed Energy (AFRL/RD) wayne.mashburn.1@us.af.mil
Medina, Mague Space Vehicles (AFRL/RV) margarita.medina@us.af.mil
Scenters, Barb Aerospace Systems (AFRL/RQ) barbara.scenters@us.af.mil
Schmieder, Shirley Munitions (AFRL/RW) shirley.schmieder@us.af.mil
Shaw, Debbie Materials & Manufacturing (AFRL/RX) deborah.shaw.3@us.af.mil
Tillie, Chakila Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR/RTB) chakila.tillie@us.af.mil

SBIR Acquisition R&D Technology Analysts (TAs) Supporting AFRL

*Bilinski, Mike AFRL – RI and AFOSR michael.bilinski.ctr@us.af.mil
*Leugers, Shelly AFRL – RW shelly.leugers.ctr@us.af.mil
*McBroom, Donna AFRL – 711 HPW, RQ, RX and RY donna.mcbroom.ctr@us.af.mil
*Williams, Mike AFRL – RD and RV michael.williams.241.ctr@us.af.mil

*Denotes Contractor

Air Force Sustainment Centers

Mance, Chris Air Force Sustainment Center (AFSC/ENSI) christopher.mance@us.af.mil
Sackmann, Valentine Ogden ALC (AFSC/ENRB) valentine.sackmann@us.af.mil
Zahiri, Frank Warner Robins ALC (AFSC/ENRB-OL) feraidoon.zahiri@us.af.mil

Air Force Test Centers

Atachbarian, Abraham 412th Test Wing (812 TSS/ENTI) abraham.atachbarian@us.af.mil
Galyen, Nick Arnold Engineering Development Complex (AEDC/TSTY) nickolas.galyen.1@us.af.mil
Hoffelt, Doug Air Force Test Center (AFTC/XPR) douglas.hoffelt.1@us.af.mil
Sallman, Ramsey 96th Test Wing (96TW/XPT) ramsey.sallman@us.af.mil

Air Force Product Centers

Baca, John “Stephen” Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center (AFNWC/XZIE) john.baca@us.af.mil
Locke, Tim Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC/ADYT) timothy.locke@us.af.mil
Rubio, Angelica Air Force Nuclear Weapons Center (AFNWC/XZIE) angelica.rubio@us.af.mil
Woodworth, George Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC/XZI) george.woodworth.1@us.af.mil

Other Participating Organizations

Goodman, Sherry Air Force Medical Support Agency (AFMSA/SG5M) sherry.a.goodman.civ@mail.mil
Macbeth, William Air Force Special Operations Command (AFSOC) william.macbeth.1@us.af.mil
Wander, Joe Air Force Civil Engineer Center (AFCEC) joseph.wander@us.af.mil
Webb, Jennifer F-35 Joint Strike Fighter (JSF) jennifer.webb@jsf.mil

SBIR Acquisition R&D Technology Analysts (TAs) Supporting PEOs and Centers

*Vesser, Jen CRP Program Support jvesser@brtrc.com
*Androsky, Anthony AFNWC and AFTC  anthony.androsky.ctr@us.af.mil
*Chenault, Lance AFSC – WR-ALC clarence.chaenault.ctr@us.af.mil
*Fenstermacher, Walt AFLCMC – WPAFB a.fenstermacher.1.ctr@us.af.mil
*Minior, Joe AFLCMC – Hanscom joseph.minior.1.ctr@us.af.mil
*Rios, Mario AFSC – OO-ALC mario.rios.7.ctr@us.af.mil
*Tovrea, Gavin AFLCMC – Eglin gavin.tovrea.1.ctr@us.af.mil
*Turner, Natalya SMC natalya.turner.1.ctr@us.af.mil
*Turnipseed, Seth AFSC – OC-ALC seth.turnipseed.ctr@us.af.mil
*Williams, Don JSF donald.williams.28.ctr@us.af.mil

*Denotes Contractor

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