Many mind-blowing ideas are being birthed in U.S. startup companies. In order to capture these ideas, the pentagon must do business at the speed of innovation; inspiring and accelerating startup creativity toward national security challenges.

How to submit:

Companies will have from 31 May to 1 July (at 8:00pm EST) to submit proposals and pitch decks. The Air Force will notify selected companies for in-person pitches. Applications will be submitted at:


Eligibility Requirements:

All startups and small businesses that are:

U.S.-based for-profit businesses;

More than 50 percent owned by U.S. citizens or permanent resident aliens, and:

Have no more than 500 employees.

For more information on eligibility, visit https://www.sbir.gov/about


These are three pitch day events that the Air Force SBIR/STTR Program will participate in this year:

Air Force UAS Pitch Day

July 24, 2019, Burlington, Massachusetts

Seeking ideas for:

  • UAS payloads to defeat other UAS
  • UAS signature optical, infrared, acoustic, radar identification software
  • UAS avionics open software trust and verification technologies
  • UAS sensing for weather hazard avoidance
  • UAS sensing for characterization of environment conditions wind, hydrology, RF, spectrum
  • UAS sense and avoid technologies for operation in mixed manned/unmanned airspace
  • UAS applications to resilient PNT (mitigation of GPS degradation)
  • Counter swarm technologies
  • Agile technology insertion for UAS
  • Artificial intelligence and decentralized control for UAS swarms

Kessel Run Pitch Day

July 26, 2019, Boston, Massachusetts

Seeking ideas for:

  • Security tools and services
  • Edge as a service
  • Enterprise platform tools and services

Air Force Space Pitch Day

September 2019, San Francisco, California

Seeking ideas for:

  • Launch systems
  • Data mining
  • Space visualization
  • Space communications