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Prime Industry Partners

The Air Force is working hard to develop modern business practices that enable a small business ecosystem of dual-use cutting edge technologies to support the Military Industrial Complex. The ultimate goal is the fast fielding of relevant and affordable solutions.

On March 7, 2019, in NYC, Air Force Pitch Day will demonstrate a faster and smarter strategy in technology investments and partnership with small businesses. As a prime developer and integrator of our nation’s most critical defense systems, we invite you to come see a showcase of new technology solutions and concepts targeting three mission areas: Digital, ISR-SOF, and C3I&N.

The revamped “Special Topics” execution of Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) funding is designed to enable a broad outreach to learn the art of the possible in commercial technology and provide an easy connection point to trial and test these technologies against Air Force mission needs. Technologies that may enhance capability, reduce developing system technical risk, ease sustainment and maintenance costs, and ensure our airmen are prepared and ready to defend should a threat a rise.

We recognize a key path to success, and to keep our Air Force on the cutting edge of technology advancement, is small business partnership and integration with the systems developed in your laboratories and factories. SBIR’s provide a sandbox for the Air Force and our prime defense contractors to partner in the exploration of innovative commercial technologies to enable the critical edge we strive to provide to our warfighters.

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