Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) and Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO)


BAA/CSO Communication Guidelines: During the pre-release period, small businesses are permitted to make contact by e-mail with the appropriate Department of the Air Force personnel to ask technical questions about the topics. The topics will include contact information for the assigned topic author. Questions should be limited to specific information related to improving the understanding of a particular topic's requirements. Questions and answers deemed to be useful to all proposing firms will also be posted to the DSIP Topic Q&A at https://www.dodsbirsttr.mil/topics-app/.

Once the BAA/CSO officially opens, no direct communication between small business and the Department of the Air Force topic authors/subject matter experts is permitted. At that point, all questions must be submitted through the DSIP Topic Q&A. Questions will no longer be accepted when the DSIP Topic Q&A closes, which is approximately two weeks prior to the BAA/CSO closing date.