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The introduction of the pitch day concept marked a dramatic shift in the Air Force’s acquisition strategy, creating a faster, smarter method to get cutting-edge technologies and capabilities into the hands of warfighters. Designed to speed up the investment process, the event has continued to expand its reach and scope.

The inaugural pitch day, held March 6 – 7th, 2019 in New York, proved out the concept of pitch days as a vehicle for evaluating technology, awarding contracts to small businesses and paying them in a matter of minutes. 

The average amount of time to award contracts and pay companies via government credit card following a successful pitch at the AF Pitch Day was 15 minutes. The fastest award occurred in only three minutes. Previously, the fastest award of a contract of this type was approximately 90 days – a period of time many small businesses and startups cannot survive without funding.

In 2019, over $131 million dollars was awarded through pitch day events. In 2020, the Air Force will continue to host pitch days in various cities across the United States. Additional details will be posted as information becomes available.


The Air Force SBIR/STTR program is partnering with different Air Force organizations to host several Pitch Day events in 2020.

*The dates and locations listed are subject to change.

  • Quantum 2.0 Pitch Day
    • ​Date: December 1-2, 2020
    • Location: Virtual
    • Apply during 20.A CSO
  • Simulators Pitch Day (Dec. 2020 - Additional details TBD)

The AFLCMC Simulators Pitch Day 2020 will now be virtual! This will be a Pitch Event for selections for Direct to Phase II awards of the AF203-DS02 Simulators Pitch Day Topic. We’ll have more details on the virtual Pitch Day itself soon, posted here.

*****Please be advised the Air Force (AF) has issued an Amendment to the X20.3 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Commercial Solutions Opening (CSO).  It may be viewed on the OSD (RT&L) site at https://rt.cto.mil/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/Air-Force-20.3-CSO_V2.pdf.  It will also soon be live on the Defense SBIR/STTR Innovation Portal (DSIP) at https://www.dodsbirsttr.mil/submissions/login.  

This Amendment impacts Topic AF203-DCSO2, Simulators Pitch Day, so please read and follow the revised information carefully.  PLEASE NOTE: There is an erroneous statement in the AF X20.3 SBIR CSO’s Section 9.2.  Specifically, pg. 42, third bulleted item, last sentence, states, “The Customer Memorandum requirement applies to AF203-DCSO1 ONLY.”  However, as stated in Topic AF203-DCSO2, the Customer Memorandum requirement also applies to AF203-DCSO2.  

Also in Section 9.2, pg. 49, Note, first sentence, states, “The Customer Memorandum requirement applies to AF203-DCSO1 ONLY.”  However, as stated in Topic AF203-DCSO2, the Customer Memorandum requirement also applies to AF203-DCSO2.  

Contact the AF X20.3 SBIR CSO Contracting Officer, Kris Croake, at kristina.croake@us.af.mil, with questions.*****

***UPDATE AS OF 10/7/20

As stated in the AF203-DCSO2 Simulator Pitch Day 2020 Projects for Lightweight or Modular Simulators Topic:

Phase II proposals will be evaluated using a two-step process. After proposal receipt, an initial evaluation will be conducted IAW the criteria found in Section 10.0, Direct to Phase II Review Criteria. Based on the results of that evaluation, selected companies will be invited to Simulators Pitch Day, dates and location (or virtual) to be determined. Companies’ pitches will again be evaluated IAW the criteria found in Section 10.0, Direct to Phase II Review Criteria. Companies must participate in the pitch event to be considered for award.

Here are the details on Simulators Virtual Pitch Day 2020 (SVPD 2020) event:

After initial Review Completed, companies will be notified NLT 9 November for invites to Simulators Virtual Pitch Day.  SVPD 2020 will have two portions, a Virtual Showcase event in conjunction with I/ITSEC, and the Virtual Pitch Panels

The SVPD 2020 Virtual Showcase will be held on 3 December at 1500 Eastern Time, in conjunction with the I/ITSEC conference.  This event will be open to all I/ITSEC attendees.  The format will be a panel of Simulator’s Division Innovation Team Members presenting pre-recorded video ‘Pitch Reels” produced and submitted by the pitching vendors, with a digital chat room, allowing Vendors and  I/ITSEC attendees to chat and exchange contact information.  As we are hosting this event inside the Virtual I/ITSEC conference, the pre-recorded videos are required to be submitted not later than 12 November 2020

Virtual Pitch Panels will be held week of 7-10 December. Format will be 10 minute Vendor’s Pitch Presentation, 10 minute Q&A between Vendor and Panel.  Vendor’s Pitch Presentation can include pre-recorded video.  All Vendors will present over video teleconference (Zoom or similar), and Panel Q&A will take place in same video teleconference.  Pitches to Panel will be recorded for government panel use, but not available for release.   All Pitches will be completed before any decisions are announced to Pitching vendors. We expect to sign contracts with successful vendors in December.

Because of the short turn time between the notification of invitation to pitch and the deadline for the Virtual Showcase, we *strongly* suggest that Vendors create their videos in advance of invitation.  Rules for SVPD 2020 Virtual Showcase “Pitch Reel” Videos:

  • Not more than 120 seconds in length
  • Must be in MP4 format
  • Must contain only publicly releasable information
  • Highlight the technology, goals, and benefits of your pitch
  • Will be submitted via DoD SAFE, link with request to upload will be sent to vendors individually, after proposal receipt.
  • Link to the Showcase “Pitch Reel” *may* be included in Vendor proposal submission, but is not required. Please include only as link, as submission platform does not accept video files.

If there are questions about this process, please submit to AFLCMC.WNS.Sims_Innovate@us.af.mil.  


  • Digital Engineering Pitch Day
    • Date: January 11, 2021
    • Location: Virtual
    • Apply during 20.3/C
  • Space Force Pitch Day 
  • AFLCMC/RSO Pitch Day 
    • ​Date: Spring 2021
    • Location: TBD
    • Apply during 20.3/C
  • Weapons Pitch Day ​
    • ​Date: April 2021
    • Location: Eglin AFB area
    • Apply during 20.3/C
    • Website: airforceweapons.com
  • Advanced Manufacturing Pitch Day
    • ​Date: April 2021
    • Location: Virtual
    • Apply during 21.1/A
  • Tech Theme TBD Pitch Day
    • ​Date: July 2021
    • Location: TBD
    • Apply during 21.2/B


​*Please check back for additional details.