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Identifying Faults in Critical Aircraft Systems
Jan. 26, 2018 | 5:58
The worse situation for a pilot to be in, is while he’s in the weapon system to have some issue with the avionics that causes the radar to lose lock, the heads-up display to blank out, the on-board oxygen generating system cannot function properly, to where he either has to abort the mission or back off from the flight profile to get those systems to come back to life.

Under an Air Force Small Business Research Innovation and Small Business Technology Transfer Program effort, Total Quality Systems developed the Intermittent Fault Detection Isolation System, which tests functionally of aircraft systems. Universal Synaptics, TQS's small business partner in Roy, Utah, provides the IFDIS capability to fill testing gaps, returning aircraft to service, and extending their time on wing. The system is estimated to have saved the government millions of dollars.

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