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NEWS | March 1, 2018

Technology Extends Maintenance Schedule For Assets In Hard To Reach Places




Infinite Technologies, Inc.

  • LOCATION: Clearfield, Utah
  • TOPIC NUMBER: AF073-113
  • TOPIC TITLE: Hydrophobic/Non-Delaminating Radome Material
  • TECHNICAL PROJECT OFFICE: Air Force Sustainment Center, Hill AFB, UT
  • SPONSORING ORGANIZATION: Air Force Sustainment Center

When putting together a radome assembly, which covers a radar or communication system, to protect it from harsh environmental conditions and allowing for its continued, uninterrupted transmission, safety and efficiency are paramount. Infinite Technologies Inc. has a tried and tested solution.

“Our office performs field maintenance and repair on shelters, radomes and towers for all major commands,” said David Lindquist from the Engineering Directorate at Hill AFB, Utah. “There a lot of these assets that are located in some very harsh conditions. We’ve got some of these in very remote areas of Alaska, that get snow and ice blasting on them out in the middle of nowhere, up on the coast, in all environments, in corrosive and arid environments. Some of these sites are very expensive to get to - you have to take charter flights just to get to them - and it’s tough to get material there.


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