Broad Agency Announcement

Current Status: The 19.1/19A Broad Agency Announcement is now closed. Proposals are no longer being accepted. The next BAA (19.2/19.B) will go into pre-release on April 19. However, early draft topics may be posted sooner.

Special Topic Information: In the 19.1 BAA, Special Topics AF191-001 thru AF191-003 are being sponsored by MD5, an innovation and entrepreneurship program run out of the OSD. Companies whose proposals are selected for award under Special Topics AF191-001 thru AF191-003 will need to have participated in a MD5 program or service, or in another technology acceleration program, prior to the completion of the proposed Phase I SBIR project. This can be achieved by either: having previously participated in a MD5 program or service, or in another technology acceleration program, prior to the commencement of the Phase I period of performance. In order to be eligible for award, companies that have participated in a MD5 program or service, or in another technology accelerator, shall describe in their Phase I proposal the approach to leveraging their accelerator experience to enhance the potential for successful commercialization of products from their proposed SBIR project. For Companies that have not yet completed a MD5 program or service, or another technology accelerator, or for other details, please see the BAA instructions. Learn about available opportunities via MD5's website (at https://splash.md5.net/sbir/home).

Other special topics include:

  • AF191-004 and AF191-005, sponsored by AFWERX, a catalyst for agile Air Force engagement across industry, academia, and non-traditional contributors to create transformative opportunities and foster an Air Force culture of innovation.
  • AF191-006 thru AF191-008, sponsored by the Air Force Research Laboratory Space Vehicle Directorate in partnership with the Air Force Space and Missile Command.
  • AF191-009 thru AF191-011, which the Air Force SBIR/STTR office is introducing as part of new Pitch Day Special Topics. Each Pitch Day Topic revolves around tying in one of the Air Force's Program Executive Officer (PEO) offices in order to further reduce obstacles and rapidly develop and field technology relevant to that specific PEO's needs.

More details on all of the special topics – including specific instructions and requirements, as well as relevant links – are contained in the BAA instructions.

BAA Communication Guidelines: During the pre-release period, small businesses are permitted to make contact by e-mail with the appropriate Air Force personnel to ask technical questions about the topics. The topics will include contact information for the assigned topic author.

Questions should be limited to specific information related to improving the understanding of a particular topic's requirements. Questions and answers deemed to be useful to all proposing firms will also be posted to the SBIR/STTR Interactive Topic Information System (SITIS) at https://sbir.defensebusiness.org/topics

Once the BAA officially opens, no direct communication between small business and the Air Force topic authors/subject matter experts is permitted. At that point, all questions must be submitted through SITIS. Questions will no longer be accepted when SITIS closes, which is approximately two weeks prior to the BAA closing date.

Other BAA resources:

The Air Force follows the Department of Defense BAA schedule below:

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