Commercialization Readiness Program (Phase II+) 

The AF SBIR/STTR program is in a time of sweeping change, and the Commercialization Readiness Program (CRP) is significantly affected.  The CRP that included SBIR Technology Transition Plans (STTP), Commercialization Investment Requests (CIR), and facilitated transition planning is paused until further notice.  The ultimate goal of the SBIR/STTR program is commercialization, and is near and dear to us.   We are working feverishly to understand and implement emerging leadership guidance regarding SBIR/STTR technology commercialization.

Until the path to AF SBIR/STTR commercialization becomes clearer, we encourage all USAF acquisition program managers, SBIR/STTR technology firms, major defense contractors, and investors to get involved in the new “Open Innovation SBIR Topic” process.  Here’s how:

Acquisition Program Managers:

  • Write and submit practical, need or capability-based topics and focus areas; parameters give proposers something to aim at
  • Build and maintain methods for effective and practical communication with technology developers and other AF programs that have similar problems or capability gaps
  • Participate in Phase I and II proposal evaluations; be the voice of realism
  • Track and participate in mission-relevant SBIR/STTR contract reviews
  • Have a complete and cohesive plan for integrating a given technology into your system acquisition, modification, and sustainment processes


  • Get and stay engaged with USAF acquisition programs; understand how your technologies might fill needs and capability gaps
  • Submit proposals to the AF topics and focus areas solicited via the OSD Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) process
  • Build a network of collaborators and investors, including Major Defense Contractors
  • Leverage the training and support available throughout the SBIR/STTR ecosystem

Major Defense Contractors:

  • Openly discuss your system-specific technology needs and goals with your government acquisition program counterparts; joint-ness equals strength
  • With your government program counterparts, seek ways to leverage the open-topic concept to compliment your IR&D efforts
  • Consider SBIR technologies to answer system-specific technology pull from early stage acquisition and sustainment programs alike
  • Actively engage with SBIR/STTR firms at assess technology relevance, business goal compatibility, and customer (government) needs


  • Consider investments in the defense market
  • Help government and SBIR technology firms understand your investment requirements, expected outcomes, and anticipated timelines
  • Participate in SBIR/STTR match-making events to gain awareness of exciting new technologies and assess their viability in commercial and military markets